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Well, first day live and all is well!!!

Posted by Ken Boyer on Sunday, February 22, 2009, In : Needful Things 
Well, it is 10:52 and the site is still up! No problems and everything is working good.  Very happy and looking forward to adding lots of interesting content, as the old scanner my Mom had works well with Ubuntu.  I will also be adding a chat panel for live chat, for quotes, or any body who visits to ask questions.  Like what is Ubuntu.
Skype works awesome and you can call the computer, for video c2c or call my home number.
I love technology!!  Waiting for my first video call momentarily.  Will...
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Well, another all nighter

Posted by Ken Boyer on Saturday, February 21, 2009, In : What the hell am I doing 
It is 4:48 and I am still at it. I had to load flickr, and then sign up, so it could load the portfolio.
I think that overall it turned out ok, but not what I had originally planned. A pretty productive night overall.

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Well I am live at last....

Posted by Ken Boyer on Saturday, February 21, 2009, In : What the hell am I doing 

Well I am live at last!!!

I am presently using this site due to the unfortunate fact that I could not get the Personnel Web sharing to work on my Mac. It is suppose to work like a charm but my firewall is blocking me for some reason beyond my understanding. I will revert to that site once I figure it out (and close this free site which I Googled).
It is actually very easy to use but the themes are limited or take forever to load. So I will keep it simple (stupid) and go with the flow. ...
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Graphic Artist ~ Designer

Ken Boyer Presently updating my digital portfolio and this website.
lucky to be there.mp3 lucky to be there.mp3
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Lucky to be Lucky to be
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And please remember..  that if I can't help you with a project due to any circumstance, I have an extensive network of friends and associates in the all areas of the sign industry, including production management, sales, design, printing, welders, painters, estimators, fabricators and millworkers.  I would be more than willing to point you in the right direction. So please feel free to call.

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