Hello and welcome....my name is Kenneth Boyer.  This site was created out of a desire to share my life's work, and to support other artist by hosting requested information.

Born in Toronto Ontario, and raised in Georgetown, a small community about 40 km north west. I enjoyed art from an early age.  Some of my earliest memories are my grandfather teaching me to draw a simple rose, and my mother playing a common childhood game called finish the picture, which unintentionally created the fundamental building blocks, of creativity and imagination, and allowed me to see my world from a deeper perspective.

Although this site is primarily to highlight my work as a graphic artist and designer, I frequently enjoy expressing myself in other areas outside my "comfort zone" which include painting, drawing with pen and ink, sculpture, carving, glassblowing, and music to name just a few.  I hope that you enjoy my work, and welcome any new challenges that are offered to me, no matter how small or insignificant. Once again thank you for visiting.

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