Welcome to my new Video page

Travelling Riverside Blues

This is my latest video done with my brother for fun October 5th...meant to be a crazy, psychedelic video done with little special effects other than playing with speed and overlaying transparencies. Please note that I was not on drugs during the filming or editing of this...although it seems that I am. It was conceived as with a Hunter S. Thompson gonzo approach to crazy, unconnected images that when combined actually create a story...thanks you Ryan and Wiener Boy (Jeter) for your help and enthusiasm for this project.

Jonathan Todd Moonshiner 

Shot at the Yale Hotel, in Vancouver British Columbia for the Karl Watt memorial concert, "Full Wattage". Jonathan blew away the audience with this haunting rendition of Bob Dylan's "Moonshiner".

Jonathan Todd Burning Ring of Fire

Space Shuttle

This video was a class project that turned me on to video production...it is short but I like it...hope you do to.

 What is for Dinner

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