Here is the first video i edited...enjoy 

Since I am going to school and to keep this website updated, I thought I would add a few of the school projects from my first quarter at The Art Institute of Vancouver for Web Design.


This project was for Typography, and since I have been working with type for 20 years I figured it would be easy. I was wrong.  It was quite difficult.  The aim was to pick a quote, song or paragraph, and create two 10" X 10" posters. We are allowed you use graphics but they must be secondary to the text.

Poster One

I choose "jai guru deva on" to be  the most dominant...and not necessarily with the use of size (making it bigger than the rest).

The piece I choose was the Beatles "Across the Universe"  and with the  chorus "jai guru deva on" as the main copy (headline).

Poster Two

In this piece I choose "jai guru deva om" to be the most dominant and with the and entire song to be secondary.


Digital Illustration

This project was for Digital Illustration was in two parts.

First, create e a logo for an airline, existing or imaginary. I choose and existing airline form here in BC. 


To create a emergency exit plan illustration. Below is what I came up with.


Digital Imaging

This project was for Digital imaging, the object was to create a thematic Poster. I choose what I know..haha.  It is an 8" x 10" 300 dpi image with all of the elements found object and placed in a relating background...

Below is a collection of my final projects... 

Digital Illustration 

Below is my final assignment for digital illustration.  I is my twist of traditional Japanese printing style called Ukiyo-e 浮世絵 lit. "pictures of the floating world

Please excuse the translation of my name in the red stamp and the lantern...I google translated it and found out from a Japanese girl at school it says "to be researched"


This is a series of three 10" x 10" poster.  the object was to pick a greek letter and write a short piece about it.  The symbol, name  an the copy areto be shown in each but the object is to highlight each of the components separately, in each but not necessarily with the use of size.  I reached a 10/10 for this assignment.  I choose the symbol "phi' otherwise known as the golden mean, or golden ration, expressed as the number 1.618

Poster 1

Phi symbol is the dominant object.

Poster 2

Phi (name) is the dominant object.

Poster 3

Phi copy is the dominant object. I wrote a simple poem.

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